The St. Rose Fire Department in St. Rose, Illinois, prides itself on excellence in fire protection and rescue through hard work, dedication and "outside the box" thinking. 

A Different Approach to Dry Hydrant Pumping

        The Problem: Filling tankers from a dry-hydrant water source was taking too much time with our 750gpm Class A pumper, and sometimes getting that pumper to the water sight and getting it to catch prime was a long and difficult process.
The Solution: We had the idea to take a Godwin CD150M high volume/ low pressure portable pump and mount it to a small four-wheel drive pickup cab and chassis. Basically, it's a big pump on a small truck.

The Result: Our Unit 8591 Dry Hydrant/Supply pumper.
Now we can fill our 3300 gal tankers in under 2.5 minutes. It's ease of use and Dri-prime system makes catching prime a worry of the past. It's smaller size and off-road agility make it extremely easy to get to out-of the-way water sources such as small ponds and creeks. Additionally, we don't have all the equipment (ladders, SCBA, etc.) that is normally aboard our Class A pumper, sitting out at a fill site where it is rendered useless to the firefighters who are at the fire scene. We have also added that second pumper that would have been at the fill site to the fire scene, which improves our fire-fighting capabilities and betters our ISO rating. Talk about a win/win scenario!

dry hydrant pumper
Dry Hydrant Pumper2
Dry Hydrant Pumper3
Dry Hydrant Pumper-rear

"50 Years of Service " 2014

"50 Years of Service " 2014